Morning Coffee, 8.2.17

A couple minor changes, right out the box.

1. ‘Free write’ is a stupid name for a daily warm up blog. ‘Morning Coffee’ is much more appropriate, as these writings are now part of my daily ritual–something I do after I clock but before I start any actual work. Blogging has become that thing I do while I prep my mind for the coming day, like reading the news or drinking my coffee.

Further, ‘Morning Coffee’ evokes a strong image for me. When I think the phrase, I see the woman from the 90s Folger’s commercials–flannel askew, hair tussed, sipping at a picturesque cup of steaming black coffee. It’s hard to imagine her without static fuzz and VHS tracking lines.

“The best part of waking up is Folger’s is your cup!” It’s been almost twenty years since I’ve heard that jingle aloud, but I can still hear it in my head, crystal clear.

Further further, ‘free writes’ are those things that L— encouraged us first year writing teachers to do with our students, and we killed hours of productive graduate school free writing in his class. For me, those ‘self-explorations’ were hardly productive: I had things to do, damnit, and I didn’t have time for unfocused bullshit. In the classroom, I sidestepped daily ‘free writes’ by asking my students to brainstorm their papers, write fifteen-minute drafts, or reflect upon their work. Focused freedom is productive; unfocused freedom is a waste of time.

Naming these entries ‘free writes’ is like conceding to a stupid idea. I refuse. Call me stubborn. Point out my hypocrisy. I can take it.

2. In the last couple weeks, I’ve started giving myself a ‘word of the day’–a single word, preferably a GRE-level word, that surmises or summarizes my day. I started adding words to my to-do list when I started using Momentum in Chrome. I think I’ll start carrying them over into this blog. The ‘word’ likely won’t affect the writing; it’s just a ‘me’ thing.

3. I plan to start adding fifteen-minute illustrations to my headers. In theory, I intend to spend fifteen minutes writing and fifteen minutes sketching. At the end of those times, the work will be done. No editing, no revising. We’ll see how that goes.

Anywho, those are three minor changes I thought up yesterday while I was taking a shower. I’ll start implementing them tomorrow.


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