we interrupt this program // 8.25.17.

I should be writing part three to that arc I dropped last Thursday–but I think I’ll hold off just a little longer. I’ve got a couple other things to sort out first.

1. Thanks.

For starters, I’d like to give a shout out to you, my readers. When I first purchased this domain, I figured on writing just enough to break even. And that seemed reasonable–until I did the math.

WordPress.com pays royalties in $100 increments. WordAds nets about $.04 per page view. In order to break even (approximately $90), I need WordPress to pay me once; to do that, I need about 10,000 page views–or 850 views per month. That’s a Herculean task, to say the least, especially with no followers, no direction, and no blogging experience.

But here I am.

As of this afternoon, I have almost 700 views, over 50 followers, and about 25 unique daily viewers, on average. That’s HUGE, and I think I should give credit where it’s due.

Thanks to you, fellow bloggers, who have helped me with the ins, outs, and tricks of the medium; thanks to you, friends and family, who read and share my pages every day. And thanks to everyone who comments, emails, and messages me with ideas, prompts, and lines to use. Again, you make my little boy dreams come true. (You don’t even have to stomp your feet.)

2. Shout outs.

Last week, I said I wouldn’t do any more shout out posts: they’re hokey, and they’re click-baity. But I’ve been reading a lot of good stuff lately, and these guys deserve your views.

Jack Binding
Jack’s one of the most talented writers I’ve read on WordPress. His work is dark, brutal, and honest. And if you like his blog, check out his new short story collection here.

KIndie Fiction
Kindie’s flash fiction is raw. It’s crude, and it apologizes to no one. Enough said.

Anywho, that’s me this week. Do you like these kinds of updates? Should I do more of them?

And what would you like to read during the week? I’ve been tinkering with longer stories in different genres. What interests you?

Stay weird,


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Marketing Strategist at The University of Alabama.


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