morning coffee // Everyone is Dead, Maybe, Possibly

I don’t mean to complain. I’m not complaining. I’m not a complainer, per se, but I’ve been the only team member to consistently show up to work for over three weeks. Am I missing something? Was the company bought or sold or something? Was there a mass firing? Where is everybody?

E—‘s been out sick since the beginning of the month, K— works from home, and I haven’t seen my boss since August. And T—, the janitor, hasn’t changed the trash cans since E— left.

(I’ve been using the other cubicles’ bins as repositories in the meantime. Sorry, T—, but you should maybe do your job. It’s disgusting in here. You slob.)

I haven’t completed a ticket since the whole “black hole” incident because there haven’t been any to complete. And I haven’t received an email in weeks. Not even spam.

(Was there a mass firing at the spam mill, too? Silver linings.)

I should probably check to see that I still work here. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a pay stub. Do they even do pay stubs anymore? I’m not sure.

I’ll look into it.

Like what you read? There’s more.

“Morning coffee” is a serial fiction series, served fresh daily. So far, we’ve covered rubberneckers, co-workers, cubicle stains, office plants, desk trophies, conspiracies, secret organizations, pocket dimensions, black holes, and impending, inevitable doom. And that’s just the beginning.

Where should we go next? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Marketing Strategist at The University of Alabama.

9 thoughts on “morning coffee // Everyone is Dead, Maybe, Possibly”

      1. No joke. I have gotten called into my boss’s office about content:

        “What do you mean I haven’t been here in over a month?”

        “Wait. You read my blog?”

        “Everyone here reads your blog.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True story.

        And I’m glad you like them. It’s nice, sharing my daily warm ups with everyone. Some of them are failures, sure, but they help me get started.

        It’s like drinking morning coffee.

        Liked by 1 person


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